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You Are Who the Web Says You Are

We Take It Personally, So You Don’t Have To

It’s no secret: In personal and professional settings, your online reputation is paramount. That picture from college you wish was never taken, that poor judgment you showed one time, two decades ago, those unflattering comments your ex posted on Twitter … fairly or not, these details define you to anyone who doesn’t know you better. Fortunately, Online Reputation Management knows exactly how harmful out-of-context information can be – and more importantly, we know exactly how to make it disappear.

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Parent company VirtuosOnline has spent years honing the public personae of private and corporate clients. Now, Online Reputation Management takes that knowledge and experience to the forefront of digital design and execution, providing unparalleled protection and promotion of your online image!

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  • An unfortunate memory from her college days was haunting the young professional.


    “I never would have thought that 10 years after graduation, I’d still be explaining myself. I wish I’d never gone to that party, but it was college … how could I know pictures and videos would still be around after so long? But they were, and every potential employer who checked me out online had a front-row seat to my most embarrassing day. Thankfully, Online Reputation Management was up to the task. The mini-website they created exclusively for me really showcased my education, experience and professional skills … and that childish incident finally faded into memory.”

    P. Yeade, Santa Monica, California

  • Personal attacks can be hurtful … even if it’s ‘just Facebook.’

    Facebook Attack

    “Nobody should have to go through this. She and her friends were saying horrible and untrue things about me on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and when I told her to stop, she said ‘Oh, it’s just Facebook.’ Well, the lies were not staying on Facebook … everyone who Googled me could see them. It was completely humiliating. But Online Reputation Management saved the day. Not only did they confront her and get most of her slander taken down, they helped me create new social media content that showed everyone who I really was. This happy ending was all about ORM.”

    G. Jenkins, Lansdale, Pennsylvania


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